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Reflections on the Quranic verses that deal with 
God’s Messenger of the Covenant

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Reflections on the Quranic verses that deal with God’s Messenger of the Covenant.”

By: Mona Tawfeeq

-The prophecy of the advent of the Messenger of the Covenant. (3:81)

-The Messenger of the Covenant announces that the only religion approved by God is ‘”Submission” (3:19). One of his duties was to explain the meaning of ‘Islam’ being submission (3:84-5 & 42:13). Anyone who accepts other than Submission as his religion, it will not be accepted from him,,, (3:85)

-God tells the Children of Adam to believe in the messengers that God sends to recite his revelations. (7:35)

-God send messengers to communicate after being without a messenger for a period of time. (3:164, 5:19, 44:5)

-He is the One who sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth and will make it dominate all other religions. (9:35 48:28, 61:9)

-Will the Messenger of the Covenant, advocate any religion other than God’s religion (Quran)? (3:83, 6:114-116)


-God sends His scriptures through the prophets. (2.213; 3:79, 81)

-God’s messengers are sent to confirm and prove the divinity of the scriptures. (3:81)

-The conjunction word ‘and’ indicates a difference in meaning of the nouns “prophets and messengers.” (22:52, 33,40)

-The word ‘rasool’ (messenger), in 12:50 and 27:35, clearly show the difference between a prophet and a messenger,

-Messengers who have scripture are prophets vs. those without scripture are only messengers. (2:213; 3:81; 19:30). Therefore, every prophet is a messenger, but not every messenger is necessarily a prophet. This is because sometimes there is no need for another scripture to be sent yet, there is a need for purifying the religion. Hence, the reason for the appearance of a messenger from God becomes evident.

-Aaron’s prophethood. (19:53; 21:48; 37:117)

-Prophet Mohammad ascending to the highest horizon to receive the Ouran in his heart. (53:7)

-Rashad Khalifa ascending to the high horizon to be appointed as the Messenger of the Covenant. (3:81; 81:23)

-Although the Messenger of the Covenant was taken to the high horizon, God didn’t give him any scripture. (17:93)

-The Quran is the Last Scripture and Final Testament, since Muhammed was the Last prophet. (33:40)

-Mohammed was not the last messenger. (33:40, 40:34, 44:5, 72:7)

-Whenever God sends a messenger to a community, most of the people reject him, but after passing away they say that God will net send another messenger after that . The Ouran explains that such people are transgressors and doubtful and that they will be sent astray. (3:183, 40:34)

-God is not to leave the believers as theyare, without distinguishing the bad from the good. (3:179)

-God will sand a messenger to every community. (10:47, 12:109, 13:30, 16:36, 17:15, 23:44, 35:24)

-Therefore, the people can not say that a messenger didn’t come to them. This means that a messenger is sent to deliver the complete message. (4:165, 5:19, 6:130, 20:134; 39:71, 40:50, 67:8, 92:12)

-God will send a messenger whenever He wills, for He is Omnipotent. (5:19 & 16:2)

-God will never annihilate a community without sending a messenger to them, first. (17:15, 26:208, 28:59)

-No one knows the number of messengers sent by God. (4:164, 40:78)

-God, in His infinite wisdom, allows the correct teachings and wisdom to be taught to the people, and these teachings come from the inspirations to His messengers. (2:151, 3:164, 5:15)

-The Ouran is clear and easy to understand, otherwise the message wouldn’t be complete. Those who do not understand the Quran, are people who do not understand it because of their idolatry, arrogance or the lack of sincerity. (17:45-46; 18:57; 45:6-8; 54:17, 22, 32, 40; 56:79)

-God’s messenger must have divine proof (miracle) of his messengership. (3:183-184, 5:32, 9:70, 10:13, 44:19)

*Abraham’s miracle (21:69)

*Moses and Aaron’ s miracles (7:133, 17:101)

*Jesus’ miracles (3:49, 5:110)

*Saleh’s miracle (7:73)

Muhammed’s miracle (29:50-51)

*The Messenger of the Covenant’s miracle (10:20, 74:30-34)

-God supports the Messenger of the covenant by allowing him to unveil one of the greatest miracles (40:78, 74:30-34)

-No messenger can produce a miracle without God’s authorization. (13:38, 14:11, 81:20)

-The Old Testament, The Gospel of Jesus, and the Quran prophesying the advent of the Messenger of the Covenant. (The Quran 3:81; 33:7, 40) (The Old Testament Malachi 3:1-3) (The Gospel of Jesus John 14:16-17, John 16:13)

-“God took a covenant from the prophets(4), saying, ‘1 will give you the scripture and wisdom. Afterwards, a messenger will come to confirm all existing scriptures. You shall believe in him and support him.” (3:81)

-The prophet Muhammed was one of the prophets with whom God made a covenant; which means, Mohammad could not have been the same messenger that came to confirm all existing scriptures.(3:81 & 33:7)

-The Messenger of the Covenant explains God’s revelations to the people of the scriptures. (5:15, l9 & 98:1-2)

-God reveals specific news and information to the people through His messengers (27:82, 42:51, 72:23, 27-28)




-God introduces His messengers to us in The Quran.

-One of the signs is the message that he brings (7:70,75; 10:104-106; 11:50, 61, 84: 21:25; 46:21)

-God’s messenger strongly advocates the worship of God Alone, the termination of all forms of Idol-worship. (3:79;11:26; 12:38; 16:36; 23:66-71; 38:5; 40:84; 41:14; 43:45)

-God’s messenger never asks for a wage. (11:29;12:104; 23:72-73; 25:57; 26:109,127, 145, 164, 180; 36:21)

-God’s messenger is given divine, incontrovertible proof of his messengership. (11:28, 63, 88; 14:9; 35:25; 64:6; 74:30-37; Sura 98)

-God’s messengers never speak of their own, and they strictly follow His commands, (6:50; 7:105; 21:27, 45; 46:9)

-If one fulfills the conditions mentioned above, then he is God’s messenger and we have to trust and obey him. (4:80; 6:91′, 23:69; 24:54; 54:24′, 81:15-29)

-How can you kill a man Just for saying ‘my Lord is God,’ and he has shown you clear proofs from your Lord? If he is a liar, that is his problem, and if he is truthful, you benefit from his promises. (40:28)

-Those who lie about receiving divine inspiration, are the devil’s constituents. (6:21, 93; 26:221-222)

-Satan neither can, nor will invite to the worship of God Alone. (26:210-212; 81:25)

-The message and invitation of worshipping God Alone comes from a truthful messenger, not from Satan. (81:19, 25)


-God’s messenger will announce his meseengership. (7:158; 43:46; 44:18)

-.The mission of God’s messenger is to guide people out of darkness into the light. (12:106; 57:9; 65:11)

-God’s messenger recites God’s revelations and proclaims what God has revealed to him to the people, he comes to purify them, to teach them the scripture and wisdom and to teach them what they did not know and to show them the right path, (2:151; 3:164; 5:15; 11:88; 25:57)

-Usually God’s messengers are the least expected people to be chosen to this mission. (6:124; 11:27; 12:109; 25:41; 38:8; 43:31; 54:25)

-The followers of God’s messengers are also among the least expected people.(6:53; 7:49,75, t20; 11:27; 25:46, 51; 38:62-63; 46:11)

-God’s messengers are human beings like us and they do not possess an angelic face or a halo over their heads ! (21:3; 23:24; 25:41; 26:154)

-God’s messengers unload the burdens and shackles imposed on the people. (7:157}

-The teachings of God’s messengers are new to most people, for they have been totally oblivious to the message of their Lord. (6:26; 18:28; 21:42; 23:24, 63; 25:30, 33; 28:36; 38:7)

-God’s messengers bring divine proof and the truth, but most people hate the truth. (23:70; 40:5; 74:30-52)

-God’s messengers invite the people to the right path and they come to correct all that is wrong. (11:88; 25:57)

-Throughout history, the disbelievers rejected the messengers or have killed them. (2:87-88; 3:183; 5:70; 23:44)

-.Martyrdom is one of the ways to attain victory. (9:52; 3:139-140)

-Victory and happiness, both in this world and in the Hereafter are guaranteed for the believers. (37:171-172; 40:51; 58:21)

-Sometimes, Gods messengers are blessed with martyrdom before God annihilates that community. (8:33; 13:40; 40:77)

-Whenever a messeneger from God comes to them, even though he proves and confirms their own scripture, some followers of the scripture disregard God’s commands (2:101)

-It is a blessing from God that He sends us a messenger. (2:151; 3:164; 6:91; 44:5-6)

-Messengership (from God) Is not an unusual event. (7:63, 69; 10:2; 17:94; 38:4; 50:2)

-All of God’s messengers have brought the one and same message, and they strongly advocate the termination and the condemnation of anything that is even slightly reflective of idol-worship, doubt, and disbelief, (16:2-3, 36; 21:24-25; 23:32; 41:43; 42:13; 39:2-3, 11, 14)

-The disbelievers swear to God solemnly that if He would send a Warner to them, they would have obeyed him. (20:134; 35:42)

-.Whenever a warning or a new proof is given to them from their Lord, they either reject it or listen to it heedlessly. ((21:2-3; 26:5)

-For those who disbelieve, God’s revelations are too much for them. (6:35; 10:71)

-Those who disbelieve among the people of the scripture, as well as the idol worshiper, insist on their ways, despite the proof given to them. (98:1)

-Why should God guide people who disbelieved after believing, and after witnessing that the messenger is truth, and after solid proofs have been given to them? (3:86)

-The only thing that was asked of the disbelievers after showing them the Quranic miracle (the mathematical code), was to worship God Alone and to devote their religion absolutely to Him Alone, and to observe the Contact Prayers and to give the obligatory charity, but they insisted on their disbelief. (39:2-3, 11,14′, 98:1-5)

-The message is very important and It is the duty of God’s messengers to announce the message. (7.61, 67; 15:89; 26:16,107, 125, 143, 162, 178; 61:6; 81:24)

-Whenever God’s messengers announce their Messengership, the disbelievers attribute many lies to them; therefore, causing them to never believe in the truth (17:48; 25:9) for example

*they say that he’s gone astray(7:59-61)

*they say that he has fabricated lies (23:38; 34:43)

*they say that he’s a magician (10:77; 38:4; 51:39,52; 74:24)

they say that he’s a bad omen (27:47; 36:18)

*they say that he’s a liar (11:27; 40:24)

*they say that he’s crazy (23:69-70)

*they say that he’s a poet ( (37:36; 52:30)

*they say that he’s hallucinating (21:5)

*they say that he’s argumentative (11:32)

*they say that he’s behaving foolishly (7:66)

*they say that he’s fabricated lies and attributed them to God (23.38; 32:3; 42:24; 46:8)

*they say that he’s trying to attain a position of prominence (10:78; 11:27; 23:24)

*they say that he has no advantage over us (11:27)

*they say that he’s well educated but crazy (44:14)

*they say that he wants to divert you from the way your ancestors used to worship (14:10; 34:43)

*they say that he has conspired with some to scheme against the people (7:123)

*they say that he wants to corrupt the earth 7:127)

*they say that he teaches from a foreign source (16:103-104)

*they ask him to bring another Quran (I0:15)

-Accepting the messengership of God’s messengers has never been an easy thing to do.(10:71)

-Most people will not believe in God’s messengers, (23:69-71; 26:67, 103, 105, 117, 121, 123, 139, 141, 158, 160, 174, 176, 190; 36: 3, 7; 54:2-5) because they don’t recognize the message from their Lord (11:62, 78; 14:9, 43:24)

-Those who reject God’s messengers, argue with falsehood to defeat the truth. (18:56; 40:5)

-Satan has hypnotized the disbelievers so that they believe that they are the guided ones and God’s messengers are far astray. (7:60, 88; 18:104-105; 38:62-63; 43:37; 58:18)

-Those who fail to recognize the message of rnonotheism, they will also fail to recognize God’s messengers. (7:75; 14:9-10; 21:24; 22:54-55; 23:66-74; 36:11; 40:34)

-To deny and reject God’s messengers is to deny and reject God’s massage. (6:33; 21:36, 42; 34:34; 43:24)

-To accept God’s messenger is to accept God’s message. (4:80; 7:75; 22:54; 38:10-11)

-It is a fact that every time a messenger was sent to a community with anything the disbelievers disliked, they rejected the messengers. (2:87; 23:71)

-The disbelievers rejoice in the knowledge they have inherited. (30:32; 40:83)

-What kind of people enjoin the people from believing? (2:166; 7:60, 66, 75, 88, 109; 9:31, 34; 11:27; 14:21; 28:41′, 33:67; 34:31-34; 38:6-8; 43:23; 44:49)

-All of God’s messengers have encouraged the people to think freely and to do their own research regarding the proofs and have condemned following the footsteps of anyone, blindly. (2:166; 7:157; 9:31; 39:18; 41:17; 42:21; 54:17)

-The disbelievers reject God’s messengers in order to follow the footsteps of their ancestors. (2:170-171, 5:104; 7:70-71; 10:78; 11:62,87; 14:10; 28:36; 34:43; 37:69-74; 43:22-25)

-They rejected God’s messengers and said, ‘They are human beings like us.’ (17:94; 25:20; 64:6)

-Therefore, since the Messenger of the Covenant appeared to teach the people to dedicate their worship and their places of worship (mosques/masjids) to God Alone. almost all of the disbelievers united together against God’s messenger. (20:14; 39:45; 40:12; 72:18-20)

-After receiving and recognizing the truth, the disbelievers continued to reject the message due to jealousy, (2:213; 42:14; 45:17)

-The true believers are the ones that examine all words, then follow the best (7:75; 39:18)

-They threaten the believers that they will be among the losers if they believe. (7:90; 23:34)

*they say: If we follow the messenger’s guidance, we will suffer persecution (28:57)

*they say: If we follow the messenger we will go astray and end up in Hell. (54:24)

*they say: We have never heard of this from our ancient ancestors. (28:36)

*they say: We follow only what we found our parents doing. (2:170-171; 26:74; 31:21)

*they say: God has made a covenant with us that we shall not believe in any messenger

(3:183; 40:34)

*they say: God does not reveal anything to any human being. (6:91)

*they say: We are skeptical about your message, full of doubt (14:9)

*they say: We are disbelievers in what you say. (41:14)

*they say: We are disbelievers in the message you brought. (43:24)

-Those who reject God’s messengers, are the only ones who fabricate false doctrines and try to portray the messenger as the one who’s astray and is a Liar, and teaches from foreign (non-Arabic)source. (16:103-105; pg.19.22)

-The disbelievers question God’s wisdom: ‘Why did the proof came down to them instead of us?’ (6:124; 38:8; 54:25; 74:52)

-Also, in previous generations the messengers were rejected despite the many proofs they brought. (3:184; 9:70; 15:10-13; 17:76-77; 35:25). Now it is our and your turn. (10:13-t4)

-The true believers are those who believe in God and His messengers. (24:62; 49:15: 57:19,28)

-Alas, they wish that they had followed the path of the messengers. (4:42; 25:27; 33:66-67)

-God introduces His messengers to us in a special way and the false messengers will be exposed.

-For instance, in the Old Testament, Jesus was named ‘Immanuel (isaiah 7:14), and in the New Testament, Mohammed has been introduced as ‘Ahmad'(5) (John: 14:16) and Quran: 61:6).

God has Introduced the Messenger of the Covenant to us in the Quran through mathematical codes, pointing to: ‘Rashad Khalifa’.

*The root of Rashad is ‘Rashada’, which is used in the Quran 19 times: (2:186; 2:256; 4:6; 7:146; 11:78, 87:97; 18:10, 17, 24, 66; 21:51; 40:29, 38; 49:7; 72:2, 10:14, 21), the same denominator of the rest of the miracle of the Quran.

*The word *Khalifa” has been mentioned twice (2:30; 38:26)

*If we add all the sura and verse numbers together, where the words “Rashad’ and ‘Khalifa’ are found , we will get 1463 (19×77).

-God is the one who gives the Messenger of the covenant full support and authorization (81:19-20). There are many more proofs regarding his messengership which can be found in the Quran. The verses mentioned in this section was used  only to show God’s system in introducing His messengers to us.

-God’s messengers taught us how  to worship God Alone and what kind of thoughts and actions indicate idolworship and submission to other than God and have advocated the elimination of these actions. According to The Ouran, many people have gone astray due to to peer pressure. For example:

*Noah’s messengership (7:59-64; 11:26; 26:105-111,121)

*Hud’s messengership (7:65-69; 11:50; 26:123-127,139)

*Saleh’s messengership (7:73-79; 11:61: 26:141-146,158)

*Lot’s messengership (7:80-84; 26:160-164. 174; 29:29)

*Shuaib’s messengership (7:85-93; 11:84; 26:176-180,190)

*Moses’ messengership (7:103-105; 40:23-25)

*Jesus’ messengership (43:63-65)

– “Is it not time for those who believed to open their hearts for God’s message, and the truth that is revealed herein? ” (57:16)

-“Oh people, the messenger has come to you with the truth from your Lord. Therefore, you shall believe for your own good.” (4:170; 10:108)

-The truth is supported with God’s words (8:7-8; 10:82, 108; 21:18; 42:24), what is there after the truth, except falsehood? (10:32, 36; 21:18, 9:40)

-The verses mentioned in this booklet, are only a few examples to prove the truth about the Messenger of the Covenant. In the Quran we find that there needs to be some kind of proof for every claim; the disbelievers have not been able to show any evidence or Quranic verse against the Messenger of the Covenant (2:111; 18:15; 21:24; 27:64; 28:75; 37:156-157; 40:35; 52:38)

-The invitation to the truth is with proof. (6:57; 7:85,105; 11:28; 40:34; 57:25)

-God’s messengers invite to the truth with proof.(12:108)

-If the words that are said  (e.g Quran) are from God (inspirations), when revealed to a mountain, we would see it trembling and crumbling out of reverence for God. (59:21)

-Some of the people seem to believe at the beginning in order to be known as righteous people, then they disbelieve in what they had believed; therefore, the other people would think that those righteous, knowledgeable people must have found some mistakes in this path and they go astray by following them. (3:72; 61:5)

-Those who are astray, see the contrary to the truth (7,90-92, 127; 40:26), and they believe that they are righteous while they do not perceive that they are evil doers. (2:11)

-Those who disbelieve say that miracles are “magic’ (10:77). The purification of religion  for them is “a corruption of religion” (40:26), and they say: “we believe In what God has revealed” (3:167; 5:41) but what the people of a community will say or think about them Is more important to them than God (11:91).

-The Quran is a book with a numerical base. Those who witness the Quran’s mathematical code, are among those close to God. be they of the first or later generations. (83:19-21)

-Those who do not believe In God’s messengers, they try to create doubt in order to cause confusion. (7:75; 26:4)

-Those who do not believe try to degrade the message and the miracles in order to easily divert the people from it and, therefore, interject the truth with falsehood. (21:5; 41:26)

-The Quran strongly condemns those who lead such falsehood and create doubt regarding God’s messengers. (57:16; 74:19-25)

-The Quran warns the believers of the conspiracy of their enemies, for some of the followers of the scripture wish to see the believers, disbelieve. (3:69, 99,110)

-The true followers of the scriptures are those who believe whenever God sends new scriptures. (3:110; 4:14,174; 5:48; 7:157;46:10)

-Those who follow the scripture are responsible for spreading the truth and the miracle that has come to them. (2:174; 3:187)

General and Last Comments:

-“Many a generation we have annihilated before you when they transgressed. Their messengers went to them with clear proofs, but they refused to believe. We thus requite the guilty people, Then we made you inheritors of the earth after them, to see how you will do. “(10:.13-14)

– The following is what God has mentioned about the history and destiny of number 19: Before the discovery of the miracle of 19 in the Quran, Moses’ book was also mathematically composed with the number 19 as the common denominator (11:17) and after discovering this phenomenon in the Torah (26:127 & 46:10) a witness from Him will report the same phenomenon in the Quran (11:17), and this sign should suffice the believers. (26:197).

Afterwards, God leaves us a more complete information in the “Hidden- Secret ” which is Sura 74. Also, for our information, God lets us know that if the devils try to penetrate the boundaries of the heavens and to sneak around in order to spy and listen to the secrets of the heavens, they will be pursued with formidable projectiles (15:18, 72:9)

Therefore, when a Jewish Rabbi from the 12th century discovers the phenomenon of number 19, Satan realized that there must be a great secret in this number, and started to set a trap for the believers before a witness among the submitters would report the same phenomenon in the Quran so that the believers will doubt this great miracle. However, since Satan has limited knowledge and these divine miracles are beyond Satan and his constituents comprehension, he took some blasphemous measures with the help of his constituents (First through the Darzian sect which is a branch of the Esmailieh sect, then through Mohammad Ali Bab and Bahaolah, yet another branch of the previous  sects. ( Ehghagh Ol Hagh, page 154) they changed the number of the months within a year, therefore creating a great blasphemy (9:36-37). Incidentally, they could not unveil the secret behind the mysterious letters in the Quran or the significance of numbeer 19.

-The mysterious letters prove that the Quran, without the shadow of the doubt, is a revelation from God Almighty, with it’s own originality and perseverance, without an addition or deletion of a word or a letter as has been received by our generation. This highly complex network and supernatural relation between the letters and the words, which cannot be found in any book in the history of human existence, is beyond any and all human and jinn power and to say that it is a co-incidence is truly impossible.

-How can the covenant with the prophets be made without the last prophet being among them.?

-In John 14:16, we actually read: “I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Paraclete, to be with you always.” The word “Paraclete” means more praised. In The Greek language, we find that the prefix “peri” means ‘more’ (as in English we use the suffix er or est) and ‘ideos’ means “praise’. Therefore, “Paraclete” means more praised which is the exact meaning of the word “Ahmad” or “Mohammad” in Arabic. We find “Parklyte” in the Assyrian version, “Counselor” in the Latin version. However, you will find “Mehamdeh” or “Hamideh” in the Arabic version which is very much like “Mohammad and “Ahmad”.