Av syster K.

Thank You Dear God

Notis: Det följande är en reproduktion av artiklen ”Thank You Dear God” i Januari-upplagan 2002 av Submitters Perspective, den månatliga bulletinen av United Submitters International.

With all of my heart I thank you dear God. Thank You for all the trials You’ve allowed in my path, enabling me to see my shortcomings, forcing me to do better, teaching me the pain of being far from You, showing me the way out of darkness into the light, that I may one day be able to return to You.

When I stand bare and exposed in my shortcomings, I thank You for the gentle love and care You provide through my brothers and sisters in faith, who stand ready to encourage and nourish the small righteous pieces remaining in me, that they may grow stronger and stronger, to eventually, if it is Your will dear God, purify me completely. For this love that You give me through them, I thank You with all of my heart.

I know dear God that I can never thank You enough, so I thank You for accepting my efforts to show my appreciation and my submission to You. I know that thanking You forever and ever is not a just appreciation of all Your blessings upon me, so I thank You for making it possible for me to thank You enough, submit enough, and repent enough, that You may one day accept me back into Your glorious Kingdom.

I thank You dear God for any good in me worth saving. I know all good things come from You alone. I thank You for teaching me the words to repent to You, to praise You and to pray for Your forgiveness. I thank You for giving words to the voice of my heart, that I may know what You already knew. I thank You dear God for assuring me again and again when You know I need assurance. I thank You for the dear brothers and sisters You’ve placed in my path, that I may rejoice even more in remembering You, side by side, hand in hand, with my family. For this powerful support I thank You.

I thank You dear God for the moments of deep reflections that shine up my being from time to time. For those precious moments when my vision is sharpened, and I see the contours of Your will for me much clearer, I thank You from the bottom of my heart. For all those moments that I’ve appreciated I thank You with all of my heart, and for all those moments that I have not, I pray for Your forgiveness.

I thank You dear God for allowing me to remember how You blessed and saved me in the past, and for giving me the chance to think back in gratitude and in awe of Your immense mercy upon me. I thank You dear God for caring for me so gently, even before I knew that You were.

I thank You dear God for loving me enough to guide me to Your soothing words. I thank You for the times You allow me to spread Your message of mercy to other souls in Your care. I thank You for giving me the words to speak in a way that pleases You. Thank You for the wisdom You grant me, and for any kindness in my heart to share that wisdom in a manner that pleases You.

For everything in my life, I thank You Dear God!

Sister K.