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More replies to more Lies on the Internet about Dr. Rashad Khalifa,
and the submitters

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More replies to more Lies on the Internet about Dr. Rashad Khalifa, and the submitters“.

As the misguided groups of Muslims find the truth prevailing and the word of God spreading despite all their attempts to fight the truth, they found it necessary for them to start spreading lies as their last hope in fighting the spread of the True Islam (Submission). Several web sites on the Internet sponsored by these misguided groups have posted these lies and copied each other in an attempt to confuse those who will run into the truth. We will post here a reply to some of those  posts that we came across while surfing the Internet or have seen on Islamic Bulletin Boards.

We need to remind the reader however to verify the truth as God commanded us in the Quran and never accept any information including ours without verification.

[49:6] O you who believe, if a wicked person brings any news to you, you shall first investigate, lest you commit injustice towards some people, out of ignorance, then become sorry and remorseful for what you have done.

[17:36] You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself.I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.

This is a reply to a group of lies posted on some Islamic boards by an ex-catholic turned Muhammedan.

Mr. J.Mc., has proved over and over that he failed to understand the message of Islam (Submission in English) as presented to us by our beloved prophet Muhammed. He left a corrupted religion and adopted a corrupted version of Islam as we can see from his views.

Throughout his posts he could not support his statements with any truth and failed miserably to use the Quran to prove any of his points.

<<If you need something extra-ordinary you are looking for magic– not faith, and certainly not *iman* which does not even mean “faith” as we use it in English. How blind such people are to miss the miraculous of the ordinary!>>

Mr Mc. failed twice in this remark. First he failed to realize that God sends his messengers with miracles and that is God’s decision, not Mr Mauliffe’s. Noah had his miracles, Abraham had his miracles, Moses had his miracles, Jesus had his miracles…etc. At least we agree that God KNOWS better than Mr. Mc. Second, our universe is full of signs and miracles for those who believe in a god, the ONE GOD. Hindus, Christians and Jews believe in God but do they believe in the Quran ?! If God chose to support His FINAL message with a proof, who can say NO.

See our file at;


<<“Signs” and the asking for signs have NEVER been within the behavioral repretoire of a believer. As Prophet Jesus said: only an evil generation seeks a sign.>>

What a lie and a shame. Abraham, the prophet who was already a believer asked God to show him how He (God) revived the dead. God asked Abraham, Are not you a believer yet? Abraham answered, Yes, BUT I need more assurance. The disciples of Jesus according to the Quran asked for a fiest from the sky as a proof.

If you read your Quran you would have known that God volunteered to give us the signs and miracles all around us. It is a shame that you did not even use your head to think of the Quran and how many times God said he provided “Ayas” “Signs” or “proofs” for the people. Here is some Quranic evidence to ponder about;

(1) God sends messengers with PROOFS. e.g. 64:6; 57:25; 40:22, 50, 83 ; 35:25; 10:13; 9:70; 7:101; 5:32; 3:183,184.

(2) ONLY the Believers can appreciate or see these proofs. 2:118

(3) The disbelievers do NOT see or appreciate any kind of proofs, 6:4, 25, 35;2:145; 7:132, 146; 10:96-97; 30:58; 36:46; 37:14; 54:2

GOD is so Merciful that when He presented Himself to the people and asked them to believe in Him, He PRESENTED HIS OWN PROOFS. On calling on the people to believe in Him, God did not just ask the people to hope for the best, or ONLY ask for guidance or never to ask for a proof. God presented Himself with the proofs. God is so Merciful, He knows that the human being, to whom he gave a brain and held responsible, needs a proof and He gave it to him/her.

SEE: 2:164; 3:190; 6:46, 99; 7:26; 57, 58; 10:5-6, 67; 13:2-4; 16:9-16; 16:78-81; 20:53-54; 20:128; 27:86; 30:19-27; 45:5, 13; 57:17; 27:93; 30:20-25; 30:46; 31:31; 40:13; 40:81; 41:37-39; 42:29-32; 21:32;

And even when the human beings asked for more proofs He gave them more. He did not make fun of them but increased their responsibility. e.g. 5:112,7:143; 2:260; 17:101; 2:67-73; 2:60

<<Complete and total rejection of sunnah.>>

Another lie. Submitters (Muslims in Arabic) follow the ONLY SUNNA they find in the Quran. The Sunna of God. The Sunna of the prophet Muhammed had been ONLY the Quran, What Muhammedans like Mr Mc. are following are innovations alleged to be the sunna of the prophet Muhammed. The prophet Lived, ruled, preached the Quran. When he died he left behind ONLY one book, the Quran. NO hadiths books , no interpretation of the Quran by Muhammed, NO Sunna books, NOTHING BUT THE QURAN.

<<To deny that we follow a sunnah is insanity. The question then becomes *who’s* sunnah, who’s pattern, who’s example do you follow?>>

For the submitters (Muslims in Arabic) it is the QURAN ALONE. To see why the TRUE Muslims (Submitters) should be following the Quran alone check our file at;

(or https://www.vasterasmoske.com/hadith_sunna/dussin_orsaker.html)

Or read the best selling book, Quran, Hadiths and Islam by Dr. Khalifa at;

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<<The absurdity of the Khalifite position should be clear from the above. It is even worse because they specifically reject the sunnah of Muhammad,>>

Another lie by Mr Mc., The submitters (Muslims in Arabic) do not reject the Sunna of Muhammed, as his sunna is the Quran, the whole Quran and NOTHING but the Quran. What did Muhamed  leave for us when he died ?  ONLY the Quran. He left no Hadiths or sunna books and his missin was complete.

It is the Muhammedans like Mr Mc. who are following false innovations written 200 years after the death of the prophet and claim it to be his sunna. WE ARE PROUD to be the true followers of the prophet Muhammed, we are doing just like him, follow the Quran ALONE.

<<What is the sunnah of Muhammad?>>

The Quran. Read this  article on our web site to see how Muhammed lived, preached and ruled;


<<This is what Khalifites are doing with the sunnah, or more precisely, they are taking people’s imperfect understanding and application of the sunnah as a basis for condemning the whole thing.>>

Another lie by Mr Mc. We do not CARE what the people think or do, we care about what God says in the Quran.

“We sent down to you THIS BOOK truthfully, confirming all previous scriptures, and superseding them. You shall judge among them according to what is sent down from God (this book), and do not follow their wishes if they deviate from the truth…. You shall judge among them according to what is send down from God (this book); do not follow their wishes, and BEWARE lest they divert you from that which is sent down to you from God (this book)…. Would they seek the laws of ignorance? WHO IS BETTER THAN GOD as a law-maker, for those who sincerely believe?” (Quran 5:48-50)

<<Undoubtedly, for some Muslims today, there *is* idolization of Muhammad. There is a truth here… and imperfection.>>

This is the ONLY correct statement in Mr Mc’s post. Probably by accident or to try to look fair in his judgement when he is not.

<<They may say they are arguing from Qur’an, but this is not true as they misinterpret Qur’an. They use both arguments: actual imperfect practice as well as misinterpretation of Qur’an. See below.)>>

More lies by Mr Mc. WE DO NOT INTERPRET the Quran. We present the Quran as it is, clear and obvious for the seers. If you do not see it, I cannot make you. If you have any proof of this claimed misinterpretation in any of the verses we quote you, you have the chance to show it to us and to everybody.

<<The Khalifites maintain that the Qur’an is “fully detailed” in its religious guidelines and they maintain that translation is irrelevant to understanding. >>

We do not and cannot make this claim on our own, God does. God is teaching us that the Quran is COMPLETE, PERFECT and FULLY detailed.

“The day will come when we will raise from every community a witness from among them, and bring you as the witness of these people. We have revealed to you this book to provide EXPLANATIONS FOR EVERYTHING, and guidance, and mercy and good news for the submitters.” 16:89

“In their history, there is a lesson for those who possess intelligence. This is not fabricated Hadith; this (Quran) confirms all previous scriptures,provides the DETAILSof EVERYTHING, and is a beacon and mercy for those who BELIEVE.” 12:111

<<BUT, if we mean, like the Khalifites, that it provides such detail such that there is no need for explication, interpretation, or the use of analogies to apply Qur’anic guidelines to particular situations, then we are clearly into the realm of absurdities, as we shall see.>>

More lies by Mr Mc. Quran is a general guide book, as long as you do not get out of its theme with your explanation, interpretation or innovation then you would be fine. But to claim for example that the sun sets because it lies under God’s throne till the next morning, as Hadiths books teach, is a GROSS LIE and UNACCEPTABLE.

<<if we mean, like the Khalifites, that we can understand all nuance, all subtlety, all shades of meaning and connotation in a translation of the Qur’an than we are clearly outside the bounds of reason. No language translates cleanly and clearly into another, and this may be even more so for Arabic which is noted by all for its subtlety and shades of nuanced meaning. (And of course, it is in denial of the Qur’an itself which is self-described as an “*Arabic* Recitation”.)>>

More lies by Mr Mc. We ONLY use the Quran to respond to these lies. Quran tells us that God is the teacher of the Quran 55:1-2 and He is the ONE to explain it, see 75:16-19. Therefore language is irrelevant. See 41:44 A chinese Muslim is not any less guided because he does not speak Arabic than an Arab, if God is the teacher. Many Arabs know less of the Quran than other Muslims who speak a different language than the language of the Quran.

<<The Qur’an provides very few “details” of the Muslim lifestyle. It provides many generalities. This is clear even in translation. To deny it is an almost insane rejection of reality.>>

You still failed to understand what God said when He reminds us that, Had He willed he could have given us billions of books that the oceans would not be enough ink for His words. God gave us what we need for our salvation in ONE book, the Quran, Had He willed He could have mad it four Qurans instead of Bukhary, Moslem, Malik, Nesaay…etc. All the details you ask about are not of ANY CONCERN to God. This is what the innovated books are written for. That is where the idol-worship comes from. YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE QURAN ALONE and GOD TAKES IT AWAY FROM YOU. YOU WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND IT. That is what happened with the Jews, they were not happy wiht the words of God in the Torah, so they added thier books of Hadiths and Sunna (Mishna and Gemarrah), the Talmud.

<<So, even the details in the Qur’an are not “details” as used by the Khalifites!>>

How about details as far as God concerns. When God says “DETAILS of everything”, as in 12:111, what do you think God means? Does He mean 25% detailed, 50% detaield or 100% detailed? Do not worry about what people think, worry about what God says in the Quran. You are not fighting whom you call Khalifites, you are fighting God and you know who will be the loser.

<<In the rejection of sunnah they are, in essence rejecting history and memory. It is through history and memory that people know who or what they are– it is essential for human self-definition.>>

More lies by Mr. Mc. Submitters (Muslims in Arabic) accept hadith and sunna as a source of history but not as a source of religious law. The law is well established in the Quran. History is full of corruption and that is exactly what happened to the Hadiths and Sunna as you know them today.

<<The interpretation of the Qur’an, even in translation, ALWAYS begins with the sunnah, but does not necessarily END with the sunnah.>>

More big lies. Quran does not need the sunna or hadiths for interpretation. Please read our article on this topic at;

(or https://www.vasterasmoske.com/hadith_sunna/bhadith.html)

<<Muhammad, as the messenger of God bringing the Qur’anic revelation to us, it is reasonable to conclude, best understood (properly interpreted) the Qur’an.>>

Muhammed understood the Quran as relevant to his time but he never interpreted the Quran as he left no books when he died except the Quran. The Quran teaches us that the ONLY DUTY of the messenger was to deliver the message (Quran). Muhammed did not interpret the Quran. There is NO book called interpretation of the Quran by Muhammed. When he died he left ONLY ONE book, the Quran

(or https://www.vasterasmoske.com/hadith_sunna/bhadith.html)