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Reflections on Bahaii Faith

Notis: Det följande är en reproduktion av artiklen ”Reflections on Bahaii Faith”.

Editor’s note: While, we at, disagree with the Baha’is and consider their beliefs to be an example of the corruption of religions in our world , this cannot justify the violence, degradation, and human rights violations that the Baha’is have suffered in many so called ”Islamic” countries. God urges the TRUE followers of the Quran ”There shall be no compulsion in religion….” 2:256.

As far as calling any religion or rituals of any particular religion as Satanic, we do not mean to describe it as being violent, but rather to distinguish it from God authorized religions or rituals. We believe that if any religion or ritual is not from God then it is from Satan.

By: K.E.

It is a part of God’s system that He allows Satan and his forces (human and Jinn devils) to interfere in the work done through His messengers (6:112; 22:52). God’s guidance sent through His messengers provides us with light; it helps us see the truth. Satan is permitted to cast shadows of darkness around the truth in order to conceal it. For it is also a part of God’s system that we must be tested. We must want to see God’s light; we must be willing to fight the devil to tear down his corrupted foundation in order to exit the darkness and, God willing, enter into the light. The Quran teaches us that God’s religion has always been the same religion (42:13). God’s messengers and prophets delivered the same message; they advocated the worship of God ALONE without the idolization of anything or anyone beside Him. Every time God sends guidance through His messengers, the devil’s recruits, the so called religious scholars get busy. They add piles of nonsensical innovations in order to conceal the truth. 2:79, ”Therefore woe to those who distort the scripture with their own hands, then say, ”this is what God has revealed,” seeking a cheap material gain. Woe to them for such fabrication, and woe to them for their illicit gains.”

Corrupted religious leaders have truly fulfilled Satan’s expectations. Man-made religions, sects and denominations are wide spread. Almighty God commands, ”Do not commit evil.” But much evil has been committed in the name of these religions. Almighty God commands; ”You shall not kill.” But the most vicious killers have done the killing in the name of these religions. Satan has achieved the first part of his objective. He has corrupted God’s religion, and shown the inadequacies of the existing religions to solve the problems we face on this Earth. At this pint, the stage is set that he takes on the next step of his satanic scheme. He offers an alternative religion, Satan’s religion.

God willing, we offer a brief treatise with reference to the Baha’i Faith and the Quran. All the praises are due to Almighty God. We have irrefutable physical evidence that we are able to present before any panel to prove that the Quran is indeed the word of God. Please bear in mind that Baha’is at least claim that they believe that the Quran is the word of God.


The Quran teaches us that the prophets are given scripture and wisdom (3:81). The Quran also says that Muhammed was a messenger of God and the final prophet (33:40). Thus, the Quran which was revealed through the prophet Muhammed is the Final Testament. Consequently, the Baha’i books, Bayan and Aqdas, revealed after the Final Testament. cannot be from God, and therefore they are man-made innovations not a God’s revelation. The Quran- a complete and fully detailed book- Almighty God says; ”We did not leave anything out of this book.” 6:38. This is God’s assertion that the Quran is fully detailed. 6:114 ”Shall I seek other than God as a source of law, when He has revealed to you book fully detailed ?” Only Satan and his constituents rebut God’s assertion.

All messengers preach in their own tongue-the Quran teaches us that no messenger was sent except to preach in the tongue of his people in order to clarify things for them. (14:4). Farsi was both Bab’s and Bahaullah’s mother tongue. Many of the scriptural writings are in Arabic and mostly in poor grammar (this may be denied by Iranian Baha’is, but too many copies of the original writings are available to cover up). Messengers confirm existing scriptures- The Quran teaches us that God’s messengers confirm the previous scriptures, 2:101, 3:3, 3:81 and 5:46. Matthew 5:17 ”Do not think that I came to destroy the law, or the prophets: I did not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” It appears that both Bab and Bahaullah like to refer to their books Bayan and Aqdas as their book of revelation with their teachings replacing the laws of the Quran and announcing the beginning of a new spiritual age. Only Satan’s messengers come to contradict and destroy the law. Fasting was changed from Ramadan and 30 days (2:185) to March and 19 days, etc. Changing the calendar is condemned by God in the Quran; ” The count of months, as far as God is concerned is twelve. This has been God’s law since the day He created the Heavens and Earth….”

Why the number of months was changed to 19 with 19 days, ending up with several days in limbo (intercalary days)? Are they suggesting that Almighty God changed His mind? God clearly admonishes man from creating religious sects (6:159). This is also true of those who call themselves Shi’i, Sunni, Baptist, Methodist, etc..

Accepting the Bible as the word of God- The Quran that supersedes and consummates all previous scriptures (5:48, 35:31) condemns those who say that Messiah is the son of God and condemns ”Trinity” (5:72,73, 18:4-5). The Quran honors and confirms the previous scriptures (2:97, 12:111). However, it points to the fact that the present day scripture is corrupted (2:146, 4:171 and 5:15) Baha’i, an agnostic concept rather than theist- Bahaullah seems to want to imply a god beyond comprehension of man, contrary to the teachings of the Quran which clearly defines God in the first Sura, the Key, Al-Fatiha.

Glorification of Bahaullah:

Throughout the Quran, Muhammed is depicted as an ordinary man and along with other messengers is chastised many times (17:73-75; 33:37, 66:1, 80:1-10). The Quran makes it clear not to revere human beings (5:44), not even the prophets (41:6; 18:110). Reading Baha’i literature, one can clearly see a glorification of the founders. this is particularly clear by various titles given to the leaders such as Bahaullah, manifestation of God, etc. Apparently in Aqdas, the man himself claims some form of divinity. Claiming to have the power to intercede- The Quran teaches us that all intercession belongs to God (39:44). The intercession of intercessors will never help (2:123; 74:48) and will not be accepted (9:80; 11:45,46). We read in ”Bahaullah and the New Era” that those who are near the divine court are allowed to intercede and their intercession is approved by God. Further it claims that intercession is one of the attributes belonging to the ”manifestations of God;” meaning bahaullah himself. This is in direct conflict with the Quranic teachings. Intercession is Satan’s most effective bait to entice people into idol-worship.


Baha’i doctrine seems to have culminated from Shaykhi belief based on the need for the existence of a mediatory to a Hidden Imam which started from seventh Shi’i Imam, Musa Al-Kazim. Some believed that Musa Al-Kazim was the last Imam and would never die. In fact many did not believe that he died of poisoning, and Harun, the Khaliffate at the time had to make a public display of his body in Baghdad to convince the followers, otherwise. The concept of Mehidism kept resurfacing after the death of most of the Imams until the death of Hassan Al-Askari, the eleventh Imam who apparently did not have a son. After his death the Shi’is were thrown into confusion and fragmented into many groups.It is difficult to assess, at this distance in the history and with the bias of the sources available exactly what happened. But Shi’i sources claim that Hassan Al-Askari had a five year old son at the time of his death. And, they challenged the Eleventh Imam’s brother, Jafar, who now assumed that he was the Imam. Jafar was asked about the boy, and he said that he did not know who the boy was. For this reason, Jafar has been vilified by generations of Shi’is as Kazab, the liar. The Shi’i tradition states that the boy subsequently went into occultation with a man named Uthman Al- Amri assuming the position of intermediary, wakil or Bab. The final and fourth Bab, Ali Ibn Muhammed Al-Samarri, produced an ordinance by the hidden Imam stating that his occultation was to last until the end of time during which no agent of the hidden Imam will be on the Earth. Apparently, there is considerable evidence that this story was the base for a later superimposition of the interpretation on the fact of history. There are two books that give a good account to these events; ”The Shadow of God and Hidden Imam” by Said Amir Arjomand, and ”Shi’i Islam” by Moojan Momen. As time went on and tradition replaced the truth taught by the Quran, many other sects within Shi’i appeared. The most relevant one is the Shaykhi School that believes in the doctrine that since there is no similarity between God and man, man can never know God’s essence and the prophets stand as an intermediary between man and God. The founder of this sect, Shaykh Ahmad, attempted to intellectualize the ridiculous story of the Hidden Imam by claiming that the Imam lived on in a world of archetypal images. Some of their other beliefs are; Imams are the instruments of the creation of the world, Heaven or Hell are the results of men’s actions which create the situation of either Heaven or Hell in each individual’s personal life.

The approach of the Muslim year 1260 (!844 AD) was accompanied by a general rise in expectancy of the Hidden Imam, because that year marked the one thousand year anniversary of the period of occultation. Many Shi’is were looking forward to this year with great anticipation. In 1844 Sayyid Ali Muhammed Shirazi, a student of Shaykh Kazim Rashti of Shaykhi School, put forward a claim to be the gate to Hidden Imam. But later on, he advanced the claim to being the returned Twelfth Imam himself.

A few years after Ali Muhammed was killed, one of his disciples, Mirza Husayn Ali, claimed to be the messianic figure fulfilling the messianic expectations of other religions, and the rest is history.

As we can see in the above, the entire Baha’i Faith is based on Shaykhism which is based on Mehdisim which is based on occultation of the non-existence 12 th Imam. All their other beliefs are almost the same as Shaykhi School. Simply somebody is trying to create a reality out of a series of tooth-failry stories.


Doctrine of Mehdisim is contrary to the teachings of the Quran. Islam (Submission) is a force that commands human beings to think and to explore all areas of thoughts. It refers to our intelligence.

17:36; ”You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.”

We are responsible for our decision and actions. We must not allow ourselves to be guided by arbitrary faith, authority, or other substitutes for reason and evidence. We must base our understanding of the world not only on what we can perceive with our senses, but also what we can comprehend with our intelligence.

Mehdi, the living Imam or prophet revives the idea of priesthood and extinguishes the celebration of man from coming out of the age of darkness and ignorance into the age of light and intellect. Mehdism made sense for the primitive man. Ignorance of the basic tenets of freedom and democracy periodically propelled man into abyss of aggression and desperation. The only hope left for him was the thought of a messianic figure that would arrive with miraculous power and save him from destruction. Now the time has come that man, using his own devices, can recognize the singular creative force. All the praises are due to Almighty God. We are able to verify, witness, and appreciate the physical evidence, God’s true manifestation. His manifestation which comes to us in a form of a book mathematically composed far beyond human capability. The Quran, ”the Mehdi,” has arrived and is ready for the world.

Prophet Muhammed included the following verse (3:64) in his letters summoning the heads of nations to faith. ”O followers of the scripture, let us come to a logical agreement between us and the you: that we shall not worship except God; that we never set up any idols beside Him, nor set up any human beings as lords beside God.” This verse alone nullifies Baha’i faith. What divides and disintegrate man individually and socially is man’s attachment to objects and human beings. This attachment and dependency subconsciously becomes a form of idol worship. Our God is whoever or whatever occupies our mind most. Now ask yourself, who is your God? Your children (7:190), your spouse (9:24), your business (18:32-35), or your ego (25:43). This is why one of the most important commandments in the Quran is ”O you who believe, you shall remember God frequently. You shall glorify Him day and night.” 33:41-42. This why we can not have anything on this Earth that becomes the subject of our glorification, a shrine, a 19 sided mosque, a person with long winded titles,etc.

Those who do not know Farsi and cannot read many historical books written about the emergence of the Baha’i faith are at a disadvantage for they cannot see the whole picture. As for Baha’i books of revelation, ”Bayan and ”Aqdas” one should ask the Baha’i publishing trust if they can provide a complete untouched and factual translation of the documents. What they provide is basically selections or synopses and codifications. Is this an attempt to cover up? Do they have materials in their books of revelations which could cause embarrassment?


Satan knows that regardless of widespread ignorance, the majority of the people on Earth would not accept that there are 19 days in a month and 19 months in a year. He knows that the majority of the people would know that a religion that contradicts the scientific facts cannot be from God. To undermine the impact that the Mathematical Miracle of the Qura n would create, Satan tried in so many ways to advertise 19, hoping that the people would associate the number with the wrong religion. And therefore, deny themselves the opportunity to witness one of God’s marvelous signs. Satan’s scheme has worked on many of the so called Muslims. For out of ignorance, they think that ”19” is a Baha’i number.

As for the Baha’is themselves, there are so many good souls who are born into this religion, but do not know much about it. They look at other religions, things do not look good. They see divisions, oppression, hatred, mischief, bloodshed and chaos. This comforts them; for it makes them think that they must be with the right religion. But, they do not know that this whole thing is one huge Satanic plot. The Quran tells us that Adam was duped by Satan. But after he asked God for forgiveness, his Lord redeemed him, and guided him (20:122). God’s mercy encompasses all things. We must all repent to the Almighty and ask for His forgiveness and guidance.

The Quran is the guide (Mehdi) and the leader of the time (Imam Zaman). It propels the limit of our intellectual boundaries and challenges us to cross the self-imposed frontiers and enter into the realm of cerebral freedom. It pictures a human being made of a very base matter, from mud. Then the Lord breathed His spirit into it and the man came into being. Thus, man who was formed from mud and God’s spirit is a two dimensional being; one dimension tends towards mud, lowliness sedimentation while the other aspires to the loftiest imaginable point possible. Therefore man’s significance and grandeur lie in the fact that he possesses two poles (mud and the spirit of the Lord). It is up to man to choose where to go, towards mud or providence.


”He has sent His messenger with the guidance and true religion, and will make it dominate all religions, in spite of the idol worshipers.” 9:33; 61:9

”He is the One who sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it prevail over all other religions. God suffices as a witness.” 48:24

In accordance with God’s will, the 19-based mathematical miracle of the Quran, ”one of the great miracles” 74:35, shall prove to the whole world that the Quran in indeed ”A revelation from the Lord of the universe.” The pure Quran containing the great mathematical miracle shall find its way into every household. The sincere souls shall receive the message and shall witness the miracle. They shall embrace God’s religion in throngs. The religion of Submission, advocating the worship of God ALONE, shall prevail over all other religions.

”For He has decreed that the truth shall prevail, and the falsehood shall vanish,
in spite of the evildoers.”